Dana Hernandez has two young daughters. She not only cares for them, but for everyone else’s kids too, in her political life.

For instance, she was a proponent of an ordinance, recently passed unanimously by the Waterville City Council, ensuring that playgrounds and picnic areas are tobacco-free — and free from the cigarette butts that toddlers pick up and pop into little mouths and the rest of us find so unsightly.

She also successfully led the effort at the State House to keep the Kids-Safe Products Act intact, and soon will represent Maine parents in D.C., testifying in support of the Safe Chemicals Act of 2012.

Hernandez also is running for all of us old enough to read this letter to represent us on many other issues of importance as our senator in District 25. I support her candidacy. She’s committed to the public good.

Peter Garrett


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