PITTSTON — Two raccoons found in town within less than two miles of each other have tested positive for rabies.

Animal Control Officer Ross Boardman said the first incident occurred on March 2 and the second on May 14.

No humans were exposed in either of case, Boardman said.

A report on the first incident said the raccoon went into a man’s barn; two horses and a cat were exposed, and were put under 45-day observation and were given booster shots.

On May 14, a dog came upon a dead raccoon that later tested positive, he said. Because the owner couldn’t say if the dog touched the remains, her pet also had to be observed and have a booster shot.

Suspected cases of rabid animals should be reported to Boardman or Maine State Police.

He said a rabid wild animal will behave oddly, including chasing cars, running into walls, coming at people and foaming at the mouth.

“They do this wobble,” he said. “They fall over and lay there then get back up and continue on. Being outside during the day is not necessarily a sign of rabies, but you could call us and we would come out and observe it.”

Natalie Jackson, administrator secretary for the Board of Selectmen, said the board wanted people in town to be aware of the rabid raccoons and notices will be posted around town with instructions on contacting Boardman.

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