I would like to address the letter of June 5 by Edwin Morris criticizing the east-west highway project and Peter Vigue.

I’m sure a lot of us have reservations about this project and are awaiting more information, but it doesn’t further anyone’s cause to make personal criticisms.

Living in the town next to the Vigues, I have enjoyed watching the building of a very fine place and the improvements to the property.

The good people of Pittsfield may not all view their community as a poor, rural town in which the Vigue property is out of place. Also, I think we can rest assured that the town of Pittsfield is assessing its taxes in a fair and equitable manner.

As with all major projects, we need much more information about the east-west highway, but we should assess it on its merits, not preconceived notions about the people involved.

Joan R. Bradley


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