The School Administrative District 13 school board is planning on closing both the Quimby and Moscow schools, then building a multi-million dollar expansion to the high school to house all the kids there. The high school was designed to hold more than 300 children. Why build an extension?

The town of Moscow should get out of this school district and put an extension on the Moscow school that will house K-1 through 12th grade and let Bingham fend for itself. This would lower taxes in Moscow and lessen those that are paid in to Bingham. Also, they should hire all new teachers fresh from school and not union members, which would save on wages and benefits that we pay now. Also, they should do away with computers until freshman year; this would save tech expenses that are paid now at the second grade level.

Kids should start out with the basics: reading, writing and arithmetic.

Vote down this present system and start a new one for the best outcome of our children. Their future depends on it.

Gary McLaughlin


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