In typical Romney-speak, Mitt Romney attempted to spin the landmark Supreme Court decision that allows this country to become the last developed country in the world to guarantee health care to its citizens. The Affordable Care Act will benefit almost all of the 50 million citizens currently underserved by traditional health insurance practices, not just the 2-3 million, according to the CBO, helped by Romney’s proposed health care plan. He pledges to repeal “Obamacare.” Good luck with that empty “promise.”

He claims it will raise taxes by $500 billion. The CBO reports that it will save money. He bemoans the $500 billion cuts of waste and overpayments in Medicare. No one’s Medicare coverage will be affected. He claims it will add trillions to the deficit, most of which was created by Republicans’ two wars, tax cuts for their wealthy friends, and a prescription drug plan to woo elderly voters during Bush’s reelection — all still unpaid for and increasing the deficit.

Romney claims 20 million will lose their current insurance. Hogwash.

They’ll only lose it if their bosses cancel it. And you can probably do better by shopping around the country among the hundreds of insurance plans you’ll now have access to.

Romney claims this program is a job killer, according to the notorious Republican Party water-carrier, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Enough said.

He claims the ACA will get between you and your doctor. But the program will operate through private insurance companies and an expanded Medicaid Program for those who can’t afford it. Just like those Medicare, Social Security, and Veterans Benefits programs that we can’t seem to do without.

Well, that’s it from Mitt Romney — still disassociated from reality.

Paul W. Dutram


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