By upholding Obamacare the Supreme Court has changed this county as we know it. I worked in health care 40 years and this act will cripple health care: higher premiums, longer wait times to see a physician, denied/delayed surgeries, etc. Socialized medicine has not been successful even in Canada, but here we go following their lead.

Further, what employer is going to hire new workers when the impact to the bottom line will be negative because of the cost of providing health care coverage to his/her employees?

Lastly, as the cost of a medical education constantly increases, where are the physicians going to come from who can treat all of these newly insured patients?

But, I have found one positive in all this: Before the U.S. falls in line with Greece and Italy and goes bankrupt, everyone should spend every cent they have. If the government wants to become socialized and support us, then, let them. We could better use the financial resources we Americans have right now to stimulate the economy by spending every cent we have worked so hard to acquire.

Of course I say this sarcastically, but there may be a bit of truth to it as well.

This decision concerning Obamacare must be a call to action for this country. We have to make a change now and elect anyone other than Obama. With another four more years and he will change this country so much that we won’t even recognize it.

I urge every American who is qualified to vote to educate themselves regarding the candidates for all elected positions and use their vote wisely to save this country.

Nancy Aldrich


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