Obamacare. Well, yes, all Americans should be able to get health care benefits. Not a bad idea in theory.

In practice, this grand idea is forcing businesses and individuals out into a system that is rife with corruption and price gouging. We all need to have the ability to see a doctor and take care of ourselves and not lose our home and life in the process.

That’s just the point; we need to rein in the cost of health care and health insurance before we go sending people out into the world of wolves.

What good is insurance if the deductible still causes financial burdens? What good is insurance if the boards of insurance companies don’t allow doctors to do their job?

What good is insurance if the cost of prescriptions aren’t examined?

Oh yes, I did see where the cost of meds is justified as supporting research and development. Sure it is, R&D is translated into how well executives are paid.

If we’d taken care of the system to begin with, the Affordable Care Act would not even be needed. Our medical world is not governed by the doctors who want to treat the sick. It is like everything else in our world, and it is driven by big business and an insurance industry that is just that an industry. Insurance companies are not in the business of taking care of people they are in the business making of money.

I also doubt that in the long run the executives at pharmaceutical companies are in the business of health care either but that’s for another time.

Ed Wheaton


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