Our elected officials in the federal, state and local governments are completely out of touch with the people that they represent. Greed has taken over 90 percent of them.

In addition, the Supreme Court is completely lost in the train wreck that we are heading for.

They are obligated to uphold the Constitution, but guess what? It looks like they have lost sight of what they are obligated to do.

Government by the people and for the people is going down the toilet because we are not doing our job by voting them out once and for all.

Talk is cheap if a person just gives lip service, like the politicians are good at doing. Corporations and the top 1 percent to 2 percent don’t give a hoot about the rest of us; only money drives them.

Our constitutional rights will all be gone if we do not rise up and stand up for America.

Shame on those people who don’t vote; they have nothing to complain about.

Roland Beaulieu


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