GREENLAND, N.H.  — New Hampshire State Police are investigating whether an April shootout that killed a police chief and wounded four officers was recorded on video.

Investigators found four video cameras installed on the front porch of the Greenland home where Cullen Mutrie shot the officers.

Foster’s Daily Democrat reports court documents say those cameras were connected to a power cable, but were not hard-wired to a video receiver. Police are investigating whether the cameras were transmitting video wirelessly to a computer inside the home, and whether any recordings were saved.

Police seized four computers from the home: three laptops, one found on the coffee table in Mutrie’s living room, one on a shelf, and one under a bed. The fourth, desktop computer, was in the living room.

An affidavit signed by state police Sgt. Joseph Ebert said cameras like the ones installed on the porch can send wireless signals to computers, where the images or video files can be monitored live or recorded. The four computers “could be capable of receiving images,” he said.

Investigators also are preparing to examine text messages, call logs, contacts, pictures, and other information stored on three mobile phones recovered from Mutrie’s home.

Police said Mutrie fatally shot Greenland Police Chief Michael Maloney and wounded four officers as they attempted to execute a search warrant.

Mutrie later killed himself and a female companion, Brittany Tibbetts of Maine. Court papers say one of the phones was found near Tibbett’s’ body, one was near Mutrie, and the third was on the washing machine in the basement, near the spot where their bodies were found.

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