I would like to begin by saying how disappointed I am with the Democrat Party voters who chose Meaghan Maloney as their candidate.

Apparently she won because she has been a Democrat all her voting years and not because she has prosecutorial experience.

I worked with Alan Kelley for almost 10 years. I got to see how many scary and sick people there are. No one understands the stress that a prosecutor who cares goes through.

I, on the other hand, not only saw but was part of trying to make sure that these people were put where they belong. If someone hurt us, our child, our parents, our grandparents, or anyone we love, wouldn’t we want the person who hurt them get what they deserve?

I’m not indicating that all people are bad, but the ones who are should be taken off the streets so they don’t hurt anyone else.

Kelley has the experience to do that; Maloney doesn’t.

Earlene Mitchell


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