It is difficult to think about where to start after reading Powers McGuire’s letter, “Government should borrow to create jobs, repay later,” published on July 15.

He is correct in his statement that mortgage holders and farmers borrow short term for certain items. These loans come with conditions and consequences if those conditions are not met. They repay those notes with a mutually agreed-upon payment plan, time and interest.

Our government has no such plan. Its mindset: Borrow and spend, borrow more and spend more. Hey, this is easy. Let’s just borrow even more and spend even more.

Unlike the mortgage holder or farmer, the government has no plan for repayment. That debt gets passed along to the children and grandchildren of this country. No farmer would do that.

If McGuire does indeed have any children or grandchildren, they can help him now. Once they excavate him from the rock he apparantly lives under, perhaps they could give him a refresher course in economics.

Mychael Bartholf


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