FAIRFIELD — Kennebec Valley Community College recently announced the following local students who earned the 2012 spring dean’s list. Students have achieved a grade-point average of 3.5 or higher while carrying nine credit hours or more for the semester.

Albion: Scott D. Meader and Trisha S. Poulin.

Anson: Margaret A. Abbott, Randall L. Oliver and Courtney A. Turner.

Athens: Jennifer A. Berry, Scott R. Mercier and David W. Tice.

Avon: Cathe A. Kelley.

Belgrade: Richard W. Cormier, Clifton M. Elliott, Cindy L. Fortin, Holly D. Gurney, Colleen M. Monk, Mark A. Veilleux, Lisa L. Webber and Cameron D. Wight.

Benton: Seth R. Ames, Christina M. Colson, Kimberly A. Lane, Annalisa M. Pelotte, Alan D. Sanborn, Ryan M. Sanborn, Charity L. Short, Loretta S. Thompson, Julie A. Verville, Stacey Wing and Joanne K. Woodworth.

Bingham: Jocelyn A. Laweryson, Shannon D. Rich and Christine E. Taylor.

Burnham: Jason D. Robinson.

Canaan: Wendy S. Albert, Peter G. Buzzard, Peter Cooperman and Crystal R. Reid.

Chesterville: Amy A. Curtis.

China: Chele N. DuBois, Shelby-Lee Slaughter and Shawn J. Studholme.

China Village: Jennifer L. Boisvert.

Clinton: Jamie L. Ficalora, Erin L. Hamlin, Joseph E. Harrison, Amanda M. Merry, Marilyn M. Oleyar, Rhonda L. Spencer, Gary W. Waldron and Michael A. Welch.

Cornville: Donna J. Bosworth-Hayden and Eric J. Small.

Detroit: Heather N. Hinsch.

Dexter: Erik E. Robinson.

Dixmont: Sonya J. Morris and Alan D. Pinkham.

Fairfield: Brittany M. Alderman, Sheila M. Chenevert, Marissa A. Clark, Jamie L. Feyler, Selina A. Grivois, Dana L. Hodsdon, Melissa J. Huff, Desiree P. Kelley, Patricia A. MacArthur, Gus A. Moen, Jeni M. Paine, Johnathan M. Pelletier, Guy A. Poulin, Joshua B. Rogers, Rebekah Shorty, Cameron M. Smith, Keith M. Sullivan, Daniel T. Suske, Tammy L. Suske, Moriah E. VanGorden and Noreen K. York.

Farmington: Dylan T. Turner.

Harmony: Colton R. Dodge and Casey E. Nickerson.

Hartland: Shanann L. Cooper, Mei Wa Li and Amy L. Tasker.

Madison: Roy E. Buck, Russell A. Frye, JaNeal Peck, Nathan F. Richard, Jami L. Urquhart and Pamela J. Wing.

Moscow: Cari A. Roderick.

Mt. Vernon: Hollie H. Webb.

Norridgewock: Mellisa L. Chase, Scott J. Currier, Kimberly A. Garcia, John S. Keister, Crissy M. Marson, Dorothy F. Rogers and Spencer J. Smith.

North Anson: Michael E. Jacob and Blaine R. Livingston.

North Vassalboro: Jessica L. Breton, Zachery F. Gushing and Samantha J. Lessard.

Oakland: Aaron M. Bagley, Daniel A. Cahoon, Rhonda A. Cote, Jennifer M. Echols, Jason E. Ham, Kelly J. Jeremie, Tammy J. Jones, Julie M. Kern, Blake J. Neumeister, Laura I. Pepin and Kelly J. Rogers.

Palermo: Therese E. Plummer.

Palmyra: Micki L. Braley, Christopher I. London, Billie J. Perkins and Carrie E. Preble.

Pittsfield: Edmund A. Brooks, Michael L. Casey, Jennie F. Hart, Kelty K. Wallace and Cory D. Willey.

Sidney: Tabitha L. Coulombe, Brandi J. DeBeck, Candace R. Dupee, Sarah A. Pelletier, Joni M. Trask.

Skowhegan: Lori A. Ames, Kristen M. Bisson, Vicki L. Bowman-Vickers, Lance E. Cote, Robert S. Davis, Jessica M. Dixon, Morgan E. Hisler, Jeremy C. Kaherl, Erin A. King, Jana L. Mitchell, Erica L. Nelson, Rae Ann Quirion, Sara E. Randall, Luke A. Simmons, William R. Toles and Zaleen H. Weeks.

Smithfield: Travis A. Caouette, Robert E. Gatto, Allison L. Landry and Ashley O. Witham.

Solon: Beverly M. LaCasce.

South China: Sharon L. Griffith and Hanh J. Lyford.

Thorndike: Doreen L. Berry and Jacqueline R. Quebec.

Troy: Kiowa Amelotte and Melissa A. Berry.

Unity: Tara J. Lovely.

Vassalboro: Teaen N. Davis, Jennifer L. Gorman, Lisa L. Lapointe, Maryanne J. Livingstone and Tyrone R. Sullivan.

Waterville: James E. Bannen, Jason A. Bernier, Justin K. Bond, Angela R. Chamberlain, James R. Chamberlain, Cindy L. Davis, Elisha M. DiPietro, Michael R. Downer, Deborah S. Dumais, Jared A. Genest, Tracy L. Hartin, Martha L. Herz, Daniel B. Hubert, Caleb J. Hutchison, Elizabeth A. Kowalik, Katelyn LaChance, Kelley M. LaFrance, Elizabeth M. Lawson, Melinda L. Moody, Michael F. Morrison, Marsha C. Oliveira, Gabriel B. Payne, Yi Peng, Megan A. Rancourt, Andrew D. Roach, Denise E. Rohdin, Natalie M. Roy, Brandy B. Stanley, David P. Sugden, Terrence S. Talbot, Valerie A. Trask, Lynn M. Wood.

Wilton: Alison M. DeCastro and Timothy S. Greenlaw.

Winslow: Phillip J. Alley, Cynthia L. Bailey, Tyler D. Carl, John W. Carpenter, Kyle R. Castagnetto, Scott T. DeRaps, Dominic J. Dubois, Sean Ducker, Chelsea M. Flye, Kevin B. Gaulin, Justin E. Greenlaw, Emily E. Hussey, Sara E. Jackson, Alexander D. Jones, Hannah M. Livingston, Kristi L. McCutcheon, Cory J. Moser, Victoria J. Nadeau, Jacob J. Olivares, Shannon D. Roy, Patricia L. Schmidt and Lee T. Shuckrow.

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