The left should lighten up on our governor.

The recent articles written by Bill Nemitz and others are like vultures sitting on a power line, waiting impatiently to sweep down from their perches to devour our governor.

Gov. Paul LePage has sporadically used certain words and phrases off the top of his head without full thought of repercussions; however, his intention of what he is trying to get across has true meaning.

As a former worker’s compensation fraud investigator for more than 10 years, I averaged catching at least two worker’s comp cheats per week. These people were working, getting paid under the table, while collecting full worker’s comp disability payments from their previous employer.

This is just one issue the governor is addressing, yet he is continually criticized by the left for trying to limit entitlements.

I say, how about giving him a little slack?

LePage is a dedicated, determined, sincere and forthright governor who puts his state before political biases with his belief in what is right for the majority, not the minority.


Dick Arnold

Belgrade Lakes

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