I am writing in regard to Gov. Paul LePage’s freeze on grants to towns. It’s not the flashiest news story of the year, but it hits many of us close to home.

Communities throughout Maine applied for and were awarded these grants for specific projects to rehabilitate downtowns and make other improvements. It is especially important to know that Maine voters approved this spending at the ballot box.

My concern, however, has less to do with spending and more to do with the implications of the governor’s actions.

Do we elect officials to represent our wishes in government, or to do our thinking for us? I was always taught the former, but apparently LePage, a Republican, is more on the nanny-state side of that equation.

Yes, I used the words “Republican” and “nanny-state” in the same sentence, and why shouldn’t I? These bond issues were approved by the people of Maine in free and fair elections, but the governor’s actions indicate that he disapproves of our choices, and we are not allowed to do that.

I think the governor should explain why his administration approved these applications only to renege now and why he thinks his job is to tell Maine voters what is best for us when we already voted on the issue.

Most importantly, the governor should allow this funding to be used for its purpose: helping our communities.

Bryan Holmes


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