So now we have the Gestapo comment. Once again, but surely not for the last time, Maine’s not as much “open for business” as open for embarrassment.

Just as the recent Supreme Court ruling ruined M.D. Harmon’s summer by creating an “abyss,” Gov. Paul LePage surfaces with his abysmal vocabulary and characteristic thoughtlessness.

In 2008, I wrote a monthly political column in this newspaper assuming the position on the left, while then-Mayor LePage of Waterville was chosen to champion the right. I didn’t think much of his writing at the time, and think even less of his bombastic blather today.

Come November, Maine will mark the downside of the LePage administration; but the fact is, there’s been no upside.

Only those in the innermost circle seem to believe that somehow, something of substance, rather than definitive obstinance, is being offered here.

Anyone reported to have condoned this Gestapo comment should be ashamed. I feel for those sane Republicans enduring and striving to make headway during this sorrowful sideshow.

In an era of contentious and embittered politics, this brand of smug, self-righteous and contemptible behavior is symptomatic of what ails our country at large. It’s disgraceful and pandemic — LePage is certainly not alone.

As someone from away, I’m not a student of Maine history or her governance. In my view, however, this administration hasn’t inspired, nor has it led anyone anywhere. It is, instead, the very antithesis of competent leadership.

The Blaine House seems to have sunk to a very low, embarrassing depth, much akin those eight painful years of the Bush administration. Yogi Berra once quipped; “It’s like déjà vu — all over again.” But then again, every cloud has a silver lining.

Hang in there, Maine.

Buddy Doyle


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