How many times (most recently in the newspaper, July 21) do we have to hear outgoing Sen. Olympia Snowe blame the way politics is conducted in this country for her not having the stomach for it any longer.

Now that she is stepping down and no longer must suffer consequences from the Republican leadership, Snowe is constantly railing against the very system she has helped to foster.

She should have been complaining for the last several years, but as we know, Mitch McConnell would have chastised her, denied her high-profile appointments, and held her “out of favor.”

It’s too late to rationalize, but Snowe had a wonderful opportunity to make a needed difference but she bowed to the wishes of her leadership too often.

Perhaps her new role of ex-senator will let her work from the outside to help correct the problems that drove her away. God knows we need to fix it.

The one thing for which I do thank her (and Sen. Susan Collins) is her vote to save Bill Clinton from a very unjust, Republican orchestrated, impeachment.

Frank Ridley


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