Prominent Democrats are supporting Angus King while they turn their backs on the party’s own candidate, Cynthia Dill.

Betraying the only progressive in the race, the Democratic Party reveals its hollow core. Like a soulless zombie, it gropes about in the dark for the plutocratic hand that feeds it. King is the right kind of candidate for the party.

A nominal independent, King is an opportunist who backed George W. Bush, while the Smirking Sovereign throttled the working class and wrecked the country. Now King is a Barack Obama “supporter.” He has made the cynical calculation that it will help him win.

Voters, however, might ask, “What’s King really independent of?” Of corporate influence? No. Of thought? Little evidence of that. Of Democratic and Republican parties? Maybe, but so what?

Just because King is not affiliated with a party does not mean he is not a party animal.

Vote Dill.

Christopher McKinnon


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