The election is four months away but the ads coming out about Barack Obama and his Mitt Romney are not gentlemanly and some are downright disgusting.

Why doesn’t this country adopt a third party? Looks like if all the two existing parties can do is bicker while the country goes down the tubes. Perhaps it’s time for a little competition.

To prove my point, I would like to quote one of the finest politicians of his time and one of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, who, after being asked the definition of “democracy,” said, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.” No contest there, which leads me to say perhaps just sometimes the majority can be just as dangerous as a minority.

Concerning the Supreme Court: When nine appointed people drive our lives and we have five wolves and four lambs, where are we? They should be elected, since they have too much power when certain parties get in and can appoint someone who agrees with their views.

Frank Slason


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