I am commenting on two columns on facing Opinion pages in your July 20 edition. The first was an editorial, “Boy Scouts discrimination policy must end,” which railed against the Boy Scout organization for not allowing openly gay leaders or members in their ranks.

The second was a commentary, “Penalty for Penn State should fit the crime,” about coach Jerry Sandusky, his sexual victimization of children and the fact that others knew what he was doing and didn’t stop it.

The editorial condemns the Boy Scouts for protecting the boys entrusted to them from possible sexual perversion; the Sandusky commentary condemns people for allowing the same to occur.

It appears that the Kennebec Journal is talking out of both sides of its mouth. Is the Kennebec Journal for sexual perversion or is it against it?

I have never been a Scout but I understand that they vow allegiance to God and country. In the Bible, God says to not even give an appearance of evil.

According to the Bible, sexual relations were given to us by God. He said it was good, but it was only to be between a married man and his wife.

I think it is wonderful that the Boy Scouts stand for what they believe. Scouts discriminate against evil and sin that the KJ seems to advocate. God bless the Boy Scouts of America.

I have another bone of contention: the little pictures of politicians beside related articles. Rep. Chellie Pingree’s picture is always a cute pose with her head tilted and chin on fist, which must have been taken 10 to 20 years ago. On the other hand, Gov. Paul LePage’s picture is always of a grumpy old man. Is this more propaganda?

Albert R. Boynton


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