In the “just when you think you have heard it all” department, now comes Gov. Paul LePage actually proposing that local school districts pay for remedial courses their graduates take in college.

For example, a Gardiner high school graduate goes to the University of Southern Maine, which tests him and says he must take a course to improve his writing. Under LePage’s idea, USM would bill the Gardiner school district for the cost of the course.

Imagine applying this idea statewide. Higher education gets a windfall and local property taxes pay for it.

This is not a new concept. It has been tried, and failed to pass, in three other states already. LePage, however, says he will propose the idea to the next Legislature. If he does, the appropriate committee should recommend that it doesn’t pass.

David Bustin


Editor’s note: The author is the Democratic candidate for Senate District 21.

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