Is the Morning Sentinel trying to influence our vote on the same-sex marriage referendum?

Since June 2, the paper has run 15 articles casting same-sex marriage in a positive light.

Here are some headlines:

* June 2, Gay bishop backs same-sex marriage in Maine.

* June 10, Barney Frank urges Mainers to support gay marriage.

* June 12, Maine gay marriage supporters qualify for grant.

* June 17, Marchers in Portland’s gay pride parade gleefully plug gay marriage.

* June 20, Gay marriage supporters plan news conference.

* June 27, Barney Frank: I wish I could marry in Maine.

* June 28, Maine gay marriage coalition fundraising tops $1 million.

* July 10, Barney Frank, husband discuss their marriage.

* July 11, Gay marriage has majority support in polls.

* July 12, Poll: Women support gay marriage.

* July 18, Gay marriage advocates tout support.

* July 18, Maine pro-gay marriage coalition to introduce supporters.

* July 24, Some Republicans rethink same-sex marriage.

* July 26, Same sex-marriage proponents ahead in fundraising.

* July 29, Studies don’t support anti-gay marriage claims.

Only one story has been favorable toward traditional marriage:

* July 20, Meet Frank Schubert, the man behind four same-sex marriage opposition campaigns.

It is time the Sentinel gave balanced coverage on this issue.

Try interviewing reasonable people with convincing views in support of traditional marriage. That should be easy. After all, traditional marriage has been the foundation of society for 5,000 years.

Kathryn F. Swegart


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