I expect a lot of passion will be shown on the upcoming referendum on same-sex marriage and also many viewpoints.

The first question to consider, is marriage the sanctification of a relationship of man and woman by God or is it a manmade approval system?

If the latter, man can say OK to man and man, woman and woman, mother and son, father and daughter, brother and sister? You get the point. Whatever the majority wants, it can have.

The next item to deal with is insurance. Many businesses and institutions now allow same-sex partners who live together to pick up their partner on the company/institution insurance. It is my understanding that this is because the law forbids them to marry.

So if the law says it is OK to marry, does that mean all the same-sex partners must get married or lose their insurance coverage?

If not, do all people who live together become eligible to get their partner, parent, child, brother or sister covered by insurance?

I believe that marriage of a man and woman was instituted by God as revealed in the Bible.

Terry Tiner


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