It’s Olympic season again, and a lot of us are excited to watch our hard-working and gifted athletes compete for medals. All of the competitors are outstanding, and not one of them is a loser.

NBC paid $1 billion for the rights to broadcast these events. To pay for these rights, it must sell air time to advertisers. The advertisers want popular events to be shown at prime times so consumers will respond to their products.

There is no way NBC can cover every event. However, events are shown all day on other NBC-owned networks. (CNBC, MSNBC, NBCSP for example).

It has been suggested that other networks show less popular events, but since NBC paid for exclusive rights, no other network is allowed to broadcast full coverage of events.

With NBC’s approval, other networks can show small portions of events as part of news or sports reporting. This is true of all special events such as award shows, the Super Bowl, etc. We should just sit back and enjoy the coverage of the competitions we are able to view.

Diane Plourde


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