We are all in this boat together, and that boat is definitely in troubled waters. The seas are scary, but I am rowing at a pretty good pace just like my mom and dad expected me to.

Some folks in the front of the boat are rowing exceptionally hard; it is amazing how hard some people can row.

As I pick up my head to look around, though, I notice almost half the folks in the boat are not rowing at all. In fact, some of them are chanting for the people rowing the hardest to row even harder.

As I put my oars back in the water and pull harder, I wonder why the non-rowers are not touching an oar even though they are perfectly able to row.

We could be out of this mess if everyone who was able to row, grabbed an oar, even if its just a little bit. Almost half the people in the boat without an oar in hand puts all of us in real danger.

Just like all the people who work for a living, almost half of us don’t pay any federal income taxes putting America is troubled waters with no way out. It is time for them to do their share of the rowing, even if it is only a little bit.

Larry Davis


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