Maine is leading the way again through another dumb move.

One already cost state employees the ability to collect their full earned Social Security. It’s not double dipping; we all earned the money same as everyone else.

So to the latest. I have no doubt some people should not be eligible for long-term Medicaid benefits, but there should be a equitable way to manage that situation without flying in the face of federal policy.

How much is it going to cost to sue the feds? Is the state going to shell out as much in court costs as it would cost to keep the program running? That would set off a few firecrackers for sure.

The state once had a very effective method of reining in costs and blew it as usual. It was called Total Quality Management, and it got one heck of a bad rap.

The basic principle of TQM was that everyone’s input had some value; it also called for respect for one another. Many times, front-line workers see where cost-effective measures can be put in place. They see where funds are being misspent and where the system is being taken advantage of.

Being a manager or a boss or an owner doesn’t mean one is always right. Seeking input from the whole team is where a business can make work places more efficient and improve revenues.

Improved revenues make for jobs and making jobs keeps people off federal and state aid. Making good revenue helps employers provide health plans that work. The more people enrolled in health plans should make the cost go down. Should! Free enterprise is wonderful, but sharing it is better.

Ed Wheaton


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