I just read the letter by Matthew Raymond of Augusta (Aug. 4). Endearing to hear such a well-spoken young man stating a “vote against gay marriage is a vote for prejudice and hatred.”

Wow, powerful words. So if I don’t politically agree with you, I am a hater and I am prejudiced? Funny, because I am neither.

First things first. “Gay marriage” does not exist. Look it up in the dictionary. Gay refers to sexual preference and marriage refers to the union of a man and woman blessed by the church and state.

The word union is a defining one. A man and a woman are able to physically join (become one) and create another member of the same species.

If everyone was gay, without technological assistance, our species would become extinct. We don’t need marriage to procreate, but without the male sperm and the female egg a baby human cannot be conceived.

I don’t hate on anyone. I believe all people, regardless of their sexual orientation, should be allowed equal rights. To me, however, marriage isn’t a right bestowed by the government. It began in the days of the Bible, and is actually a responsibility that has existed in our nation’s moral code until now.

In my opinion, this nation was indeed created and established under a theocracy of sorts and it’s written on our paper money: In God We Trust.

Just because Raymond has a different belief than I have, he has no right to impose his on me. That’s equality. But he’s pointing his finger at me because I think different from him? Mean people will always exist, those so weak they thrive on hurting others. I’m not one of them.

Melody Weeks


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