I was first introduced to the Boy Scouts by my grandfather, who had been a Scout Master and, after many years of dedicated service, received the Beaver Award, the highest award th organization grant. My uncle also had given many years as an assistant leader.

I have dyslexia and nothing comes easy for me, but I had a dream to be an Eagle Scout and finally, with much support from others, I received the honor.

I know for a fact that there were gay boys in the troop I was in, one was a very good friend, but it presented no problem. I would trust him around any children, and think they would benefit by being associated with such an outstanding example of good citizenship.

I also know about at least one adult leader who was a pedophile who preyed on young boys in Boy Scouts. Why is it all right to allow them membership and not gay boys?

I feel that we all must take a stand to protect others, and if I did not speak up, I would have broken my oath to be mor-ally straight, by neglecting “to respect and defend the rights of all people.”

Being born with a reading disorder, I was still allowed to belong. Others who are born gay are refused membership. It doesn’t make sense to me that Boy Scouts would take a stand against gays and yet allow pedophiles to lead troops.

With very sad feelings, I am returning my Eagle award, a very treasured symbol of a success I worked so very hard to achieve.

Kevin White


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