On behalf of the Gardiner Public Library staff, I wish to thank all the residents of our partner towns for the support they show us all year.

I am especially proud that the residents of Litchfield, Pittston, Randolph and West Gardiner overwhelmingly voted to continue supporting this regional library at all of their town meetings.

Because of this partnership, residents of these four towns have access to Gardiner’s municipal library and all the services that the library provides. Library staff, for example, can help residents download free books for e-readers and offer suggestions about good books to read.

We also maintain a Community Archives Room that manages a collection of the local history of the Lower Kennebec Valley. Professional staff can help people begin to trace their family roots.

Access to a public library makes visitors part of a community of lifelong learners always curious and always excited about discussing their favorite title, be it in e-book format, audio format or in paper format. Access to a public library opens up the world to the people who use it.

Anne Davis, director

Library and Information Services


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