Your opinions simply astound me. Our governor may not say or do what everyone thinks he ought to.

He is the first person I know in the political arena, however, who has taken a stand against bonds and I, for one, commend him for it. Bonds are killing the state of Maine.

Gov. Paul LePage’s timing was established by the circumstances, which were not of his doing.

I don’t see any damage to our state’s culture. In fact, I believe just the opposite. Your paper says it doesn’t make him right, but he has made a stand that probably some people are trying to promote so that they can purchase these bonds for the good dividends or interest, which is tax free, both at the federal and state levels.

Most of these bonds are sold in segments of $25,000 or greater, putting them out of reach for the average citizen who might make an investment in bonds.

My motto is don’t put today’s responsibilities on to the future, which will leave my children and yours to pay for this burden.

Richard Eaton


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