It’s not right to: Cut teachers’ retirement; cut benefits for the people who were forced into the welfare system; give tax breaks to the wealthiest people.

People who are on welfare and don’t really need it, however, should get off it. This is intended to be a safety net, not a way of life. It is not a hand out, but a hand up.

These policies that make the rich richer and say you know where the rest of you can go need to be changed. It seems our elected officials have forgotten that we the people make the machine run, not them.

It’s time to take back our country by voting to replace officials who repeatedly slap workers in the face with insults while they live well off the fruits of our labor. How dare our representatives do things like this? This is not the way to balance the budget.

What’s next, cutting policemen’s retirement? We need to take care of public servants, the educators, firefighters, police officers, town clerks and everyone who works to provide these essential services.

Cecil Bryar Sr.


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