I’ve been an observer of the Maine schools for about 20 years, having friends and acquaintances who teach throughout the state. I was a teacher in Ohio.

I would like to make some observations about the schools in Maine, many of which are good schools, especially where the tourists go.

Maine teachers have a vested interest in their home school and its problems. They have a right to protect their interests and to object to unfair labor practices. They shouldn’t have to beg for a raise or supplies year after year.

Many teachers pay for equipment and supplies out of their own pockets just to give students a chance at success. Many parents are also paying for this.

Who’s fault is that? The Legislature? The belt strangulation of finances? We need to increase taxes, especially on the wealthy to make a trickle-down effect.

I would happily pay more taxes to give my grandchildren and their friends a chance at a good education. Let’s stop doing this piecemeal and outfit for excellence.

Teachers need raises and decent equipment. Most of them have bachelor’s or master’s degrees and experience. They should be teachers first and not just figureheads.

Towns need classes in finance and school planning. When the school’s money is tied to the town budget, schools get short shrift.

Maine students’ test scores are comparable to the average across the country. If Maine wants to get off the bottom in New England, it should invest more of that budget in the schools.

Malinda Laning

formerly of Winthrop

Glenside, Pa.

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