I have to disagree with Robert Vitolo (letter, “2nd Amendment rider lets wing-nuts bear arms,” Aug. 7).

Every nut does not own a gun. If every nut owned a gun, and honest people did not have the same right, we would have to hire a security company to watch our homes.

When the citizens are unarmed, the “nuts will have no fear.”

I do, however, agree that we do not need 90-shot clips and assault rifles to hunt a rabbit. Nor does society need instructions on the computer how to build a bomb.

If a nut attacks a small town with a few friends, however, and the police need some help, I would feel better if the community was able to hit the bull’s eye and be an asset instead of letting the nuts win.

The fact that one person now and then goes out of his or her mind cannot possibly be attributed to “gun control.” A right of good people should not be taken away for the actions of a very, very few.

If any control should be taken, it should be with a mental health evaluation, the same test taken for many military, CIA, FBI, SS, etc.

Mental stability and general patriotic reliability would weed out many “nuts.”

Edwin Morris III


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