One of the most important institutions in the Waterville area, Sacred Heart Soup Kitchen, is about to go broke.

The people who work there range from teens in trouble with the law to decorated World War II veterans. They do not get paid; it’s all volunteer time. I worked there in the 1990s until I got too ill to continue.

They feed hundreds of people for the noon meal. People from all walks of life and all sorts of situations just walk in, go up to the tables, get a good meal, and sit, eat and socialize. Some are getting the only meal of the day.

It has come to my attention that the soup kitchen is in dire straits. It needs contributions of money first, food of all kinds and people who are willing to volunteer.

If the soup kitchen at 70 Pleasant St., Waterville, closes, hundreds of people won’t eat.

Jean François Pouliot


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