Obamacare is now the law of the land. The U.S. government, famous for its efficiency, will now attempt to run the health care system for 300 million people. That should be a piece of pork, I mean cake.

After all, second only to our governments efficiency is its integrity. When the president says it will save money, help the economy, provide you better health care and not fund abortion, you can believe him. Integrity is the Chicago way.

Strange that Congress has exempted itself from Obamacare. I can’t for the life of me figure why Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Obama’s other friends wouldn’t want to share in the blessings of Obamacare. I guess that’s just the kind of giving people they are. They must figure they’ll be more for the rest of us if they don’t hog it all. Now, that’s public service.

When the president said the economy is doing fine but what we really need is more government workers, you can see how hiring thousands of IRS agents, and others, to administer Obamacare dovetails wonderfully with that thinking.

I’ll bet Obamacare will be just as successful as all the other government programs such as the stimulus, deficit control, illegal immigration, growing the economy and Social Security.

It’s wonderful how the president won the Nobel Peace Prize before he made a single decision as president. How did the committee know he would kill terrorists rather than capture them, and thereby avoid depriving them of their rights? Brilliant and peaceful. Previous Nobel recipient Yassar Arafat, father of the suicide bomb, would be proud.

What I admire most about the president is the way he doesn’t let government red tape, such as the Constitution, get in his way. He gets what he wants, he gets it done, but then that’s always been the Chicago way.

Bruce Clavette


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