FAIRFIELD — Fairfield-based School Administrative District 49 announces its bus routes.

On Aug. 28 only grades 1-7 and 9 will ride the buses. Times will not reflect regular schedules. (Times are all approximate and are subject to change.)

Kathy Hotham

Bus 26 — Albion/Benton

Secondary: Drake Hill Road, 6:08; Robbins Road, 6:13; Quimby Road, 6:16; South Freedom Road, 6:20; Hussey Road, 6:22; (S. Freedom Road to Libby Hill) Libby Hill Road, 6:30; Bessey Ridge Road, 6:34; China Road, 6:36; (Bessey Ridge Road to Main Street) Benton Road 6:40; (Main Street. to Crosby Road); LHS/LJHS, 7.

Elementary: Benton Road/Albion Road, 7:35; (town line to Crosby Road) Crosby Road, 7:40; Winslow Road, 7:45; Clark Road, 7:50; Winslow Road, 7:57 (to Crosby to Benton Road); Main Street, 8:05; Cookson Road 8:06; Albion Elementary, 8:15.

Mike Bernardini

Bus 5 — Albion / Benton

Secondary: Hussey Hill Road, 5:50; South Freedom Road, 6; (Quaker Hill Road to Marks Road); Marks Road, 6:10; South Freedom Road, 6:13; (Marks Road to Barnes Road); Barnes Road, 6:18; Unity Road, 6:25; (Quaker Hill To Benton Road) East Benton Road 6:30; LHS/LJHS 7:55.

Elementary: Drake Hill Road, 7:20; Robbins Road, 7:33; Quimby Road, 7:35; Marks Road, 7:45; S. Freedom Road, 7:55 (town line to Hussey Road); Hussey Road, 8; Libby Hill Road 8:05; Bessey Ridge Road, 8:10; China Road, 8:15 (Bessey Ridge Road to Main Street); Albion Elementary, 8:25.

Jean King

Bus 9 — Albion / Benton

Secondary: China Road 6 (Bessey Ridge Road to Danforth Road); Danforth Road 6:05; Noyes Road, 6:07; China Road, 6:11 (Danforth Road to Abbott Road); Abbott Road, 6:13 (China Road to town line); China Road, 6:20 (Abbott Road To Rustic Lane); Pond Road, 6:22; Crosby Road, 6:30; Benton/Albion Road, 6:32 (Crosby Road to E. Benton Road); Albion Road, 6:37 (corner of Foss Hill Road); LHS/LJHS, 7.

Elementary: East Benton Road, 7:27 (town line to Benton Road); China Road, 7:35 (Bessey Ridge Road to Danforth Road); Danforth Road at Streetuart Drive., 7:40; Noyes Road, 7:44; China Road, 7:52 (Danforth Road to town line); Abbott Road, 7:54; Pond Road, 8; Winslow Road, 8:06 (Pond Road to Deer Meadow Drive); Deer Meadow Driveive, 8:10; Winslow Road, 8:12 (Deer Meadow Drive to Benton Road); Albion Elementary, 8:15.Carol McQuilkin

Bus 22 — Albion/Benton

Secondary: Quaker Hill Road, 6:05 (Weymouth Road to S. Freedom Road, central pickup at corner of Weymouth Road); Weymouth Road, 6:10; Knights Road, 6:13 (from Quaker Hill to Route 137); Unity Road, 6:15 (Knights Road to Unity town line); Tyler Road, 6:20; Belfast Road, 6:23; Unity Road, 6:25 (Belfast Road to Bog Road); Bog Road 6:35; Richards Road, 6:40; LHS/LJHS, 7.

Elementary: Bog Road, 7:25; Unity Road, 7:35 (Bog Road to Belfast Road); Belfast Road, 7:40 (Unity Road to Tyler Road); Tyler Road, 7:45; Unity Road, 7:50 (Unity town line to Knights Road); Knights Road, 7:55; Harding Road, 8; Barnes Road, 8:05 (South Freedom Road to Quaker Hill Road); Quaker Hill Road, 8:07 (Barnes Road to Weymouth Road); Weymouth Road, 8:10; Quaker Hill Road, 8:11 (Weymouth Road to Unity Road); Albion Elementary, 8:15.

Cathy Dumais

Bus 13 — Albion/Benton

Secondary: Hanscom Road, 6:15; Unity Road, 6:20 (Hanscom Road to town line); Monk Road, 6:25; Unity Road, 6:30 (Monk Road to Sebasticook Bridge Road); Benton Neck Road, 6:35; corner of Pleasant Street, 6:40; LHS/LJHS, 6:57.

Elementary: Hanscom Road, 7:33; Unity Road, 7:38 (Hanscom Road to Unity town line); Unity Road, 7:43 (Unity town line to Monk Road); Monk Road, 7:48; Unity Road, 7:53 (Monk Road to Sabasticook Bridge); Clinton Avenue (Route 100A), 8:03; Benton Neck Road, 8:11; Benton Elementary, 8:17.

Brenda Emery

Bus 21 — Clinton

Secondary: Mutton Lane Road, 6:05; Hill Road (Clinton / Canaan town line), 6:18; corner of Goodrich Road, 6:25; Rogers Road, 6:29; McKenny Road, 6:35; Hill Road, 6:40; corner of Victor Lane, 6:41; Railroad Street, 6:43; Baker Street, 6:45 (Town Office for Baker Street P/U); LHS/LJHS, 7.

Elementary: Lower Bellesqueeze Road, 7:20; Upper Bellesqueeze Road, 7:25; Battleridge Road, 7:30 (Battleridge to Hinckley Road); Goodrich Road, 7:38; Battleridge Road, 7:40; Goodrich Road to Canaan town line); (Canaan town line to Goodrich Road); corner of Dean Road, 7:47; Goodrich Road, 7:50; Hill Road, 7:53 (Goodrich Road to McKenny Road); McKenny Road, 8; Hill Road, 8:05 (McKenny Road to Railroad Street); Clinton Elementary, 8:10.

Rosie Carlow

Bus 24 — Clinton

Secondary: Mutton Lane, 6 (Emery’s to Johnson Flats Road); corner of Whitten Road, 6:05; Corner of Beaudoin Road, 6:10; Johnson Flats Road, 6:15 (Johnson Flats at Bush Road); corner of Rogers Road, 6:30; corner of Railroad, Mutton Lane and Hill Road, 6:38; LHS/LJHS, 6:55.

Elementary: Horseback Road, 7:24; corner of Roger Road, 7:28; corner of Wright Road, 7:34; Johnson Flats Road, 7:34 (Wright Road to Burnham town line); corner of Bush Road, 7:38; Mutton Lane Road, 7:47 (Johnson Flats to Beaudoin Road); Beaudoin Road, 7:51; Mutton Lane Road, 7:55 (Beaudoin Road to Railroad Street); Railroad Street, 8:06 (Mutton Lane to RR tracks); Clinton Elementary, 8:08.

Betty Spencer

Bus 4 — Clinton

Secondary: Battleridge Road, 6:10 (Hinckley Road to Upper Bellsqueeze Road); Battleridge Road, 6:12 (Canaan town line to Upper Bellsqueeze Road); Goodrich Road, 6:15; Upper Bellsqueeze Road, 6:23; Lower Bellsqueeze Road, 6:30; Benton Avenue 6:43; Danielle Avenue 6:46; Andrea Avenue 6:48; Booker Avenue 6:50; Kennebec Driveive 6:53; LHS / LJHS, 6:56.

Eric Morris

Bus 8 — Clinton

Elementary: River Road, 7:14 (Benton town line to Canaan Road); East River Road, 7:30; Route 23/Canaan Road, 7:35 (River Road to Hinckley Road); Hinckley Road, 7:38; (back to Route 23); Route 23/Canaan Road, 7:40 (Hinckley Road to Canaan town line); Gustafason Road, 7:41; Hinckley Road, 7:48 (Gustafason Road to Battleridge Road); Tardiff Road 7:50; Hinckley Road, 7:52 (Tardiff Road to Dixon Road); Dixon Road, 8; True Road, 7:18; Hinckley Road, 8:05 (True Road to I-95 overpass); Baker Street, 8:06; Clinton Elementary, 8:10.

Randy Shank

Bus 18 — Clinton/Benton

Secondary: Upper Bangor Road, 6:13 (Burnham town line to McNally Road); corner of McAllister Road, 6:16; McNally Road, 6:20; McNally at Pines Road, 6:24; Upper Bangor Road, 6:28 (McNally Road to Holt Road); Holt Road, 6:30; Main Street and Silver Street, 6:34 (pickup point for Ames Trailer Park); Main Street (Clinton), 6:36; Spring Street and Main, 6:37; Lower Bangor Road, 6:38; corner of Linnell Lane, 6:44; Clinton Avenue (Route 100A), 6:45; LHS / LJHS, 6:57.

Elementary: Lower Bangor Road, 7:27 (Benton town line to Baker Street); Upper Bangor Road, 7:32 (Burnham town line to McNally Road); corner of McAllister Road, 7:37; McNally Road, 7:43; McNally at Pines Road, 7:46; Upper Bangor Road, 7:47 (McNally Road to Holt Road); Holt Road, 7:48; Main Street, 7:55; Spring Street, 8:01; Pleasant Street, 8:04; (Main Street to McCarthy Road); corner of Sebasticook Drive, 8:08; corner of Pearl Street, 8:09; Water Street, 8:12; corner of Ames Trailer Park 8:14; Clinton Elementary, 8:15.

Mark Gregory

Bus 7 — Benton/Clinton

Secondary: Gogan Road, 6:15; Pleasant Street, 6:19; corner of Sebasticook Drive, 6:21; corner of Pearl Street, 6:22; Hinckley Road, 6:25 (RR tracks to I-95); Hinckley Road, 6:26 (I-95 to Dixon Road); corner of Wyman Road, 6:28; corner of Dixon Road, 6:29; corner of Gibson Road, 6:30; Bookers Corner, 6:31; Hinckley Road, 6:31 (Booker’s Corner to Tardiff Road); Tardiff Road, 6:35; corner of Peavey Road, 6:37; River Road, 6:38 (Tardiff Road to Wyman Road); Wyman Road to Benton Line, 6:42; River Road, 6:50 (Wyman Road to Benton Grange); Siding Street, 6:51 (Pick up point for Miller Street, Siding Street, Kelly Street, Robin Street, Fowler Street and School Street at the Benton Grange Hall); LHS/LJHS, 6:56.

Elementary: Lower Bangor Road, 7:30 (Sabasticook Bridge to Lower Bellesqueeze Road); Lower Bellesqueeze Road, 7:35 (Lower Bangor Road to town line); Lower Bangor Road, 7:45 (Bellesqueeze Road to town line); Gogan Road, 7:50 (town line to Unity Road); Benton Avenue, 8:03; corner of East Street, 8:03; Benton Avenue (East Street to Andrea Ave), 8:05; corner of Booker and Andrea Avenue, 8:06; Danielle Avenue, 8:08; Benton Avenue, 8:10; Fairfield Primary 8:15; Benton Elementary, 8:20.

Betty Hobbs

Bus 1 — Fairfield

Secondary: Covell Road, 6:25; Old Norridgewock Road, 6:30 (Corner of Bigelow Hill Road); Norridgewock Road, 6:35 (Larone Line to Adams Road); Adams Road, 6:45; Norridgewock Road, 6:50; (Adams Road to Big Apple Streetore); LHS/LJHS, 7.

Elementary: Norridgewock Road, 7:23; Old Norridgewock Road, 7:36; Covell Road, 7:42; Middle Road, 7:48 (Covell Road to Skowhegan town line); Back Road, 7:50; Middle Road, 7:57 (Back Road to Route 139); Route 139 (Middle Road), 8 (Melody Ranch to Davis Road); Fairfield Primary, 8:16; Benton Elementary, 8:20.

Kathleen Dow

Bus 28 — Fairfield

Secondary: Martin Stream, 6:30 (RR tracks to Horn Hill Road); corner of Horn Hill Road, 6:35; Martin Stream (Horn Hill Road to Six Rod Road); Six Rod Road, 6:40; corner of Fairwood Drive, 6:42 (pickup point for Skat Street and Nickel Street); Oakland Road, (Six Rod Road to Old Center Road) Old Center Road, 6:45; Norridgewock Road, 6:50; Lower Ridge Road 6:55; LHS/LJHS, 7.

Elementary: Martin Stream, 7:20 (RR tracks to Horn Hill Road); Horn Hill, 7:30; Martin Stream, 7:37 (Horn Hill Road to corner Jodie Lane); Martin Stream; (Jodie Lane to Six Rod Road); Six Rod Road, 7:40; Oakland Road, 7:45 (Six Rod Road to Old Center Road); Fairwood Drive at Skat Street, 7:46; (Central pickup for Fairwood, Skat & Nickel; Old Center Road, 7:48; Center Road, 7:50 (Route 139 to Bickford Drive); Bickford Drive, 7:50 (central pickup at corner of Center Road); Williams Street at McKenzie Ave, 7:52 (central pickup for Williams Street; Mckenzie Ave; North Circle Drive; Sanderson Ave; Streeturtevant Drive and Reed Street); Center Road, 7:55 (Williams Street to I-95); Fairfield Primary, 8:10; Benton Elementary, 8:15.

Sonya McCaslin

Bus 14 — Albion/Benton/Fairfield

Secondary: Winslow Road 6:20 (Benton Road to Clark Road); Clark Road, 6:25; Winslow Road to Quimby Lane, 6:30 ( Lord Road to town line); Lord Road, 6:40; corner of Streetagecoach Lane, Pines Road, 6:45; Benton Falls Road, 6:46 (Pines Road to Albion Road); Averill MHP, 6:46 (Charles Ter. And D.J. Lane); LHS/LJHS 7 .

Elementary: Newhall Street to Elm Street, 7:48; Elm Street, 7:50; (High Street to West Street); Elm Street, 7:50 (at corner of Winchester); Military Avenue, 7:55; (central pickup at corner of Crosby Street); corner of King Street, 8; (pickup point for Ricker Street, Mace Street, and Chapman Place); corner of Main at Burrill, 8:02; corner of Pleasant Street, 8:04 (pickup point for Pleasant Street and parts of Water Street); Main Street, 8:05; corner of Gerald Terrace, 8:05 (Gerald Terr to Bridge Street); corner of Gibson Street, 8:06 (pickup point for Dyer Ct, Gibson Ct and Water Street); Water and Mill streets, 8:07; (pickup point for Mill and Water streets); Main Street, 8:08 (Bridge Street to Willow Street); Siding Street, 8:10; Benton Elementary, 8:12; Fairfield Primary, 8:25.

Brittany McAvoy

Bus 23 — Fairfield

Secondary: Middle Road, 6:20 (Skowhegan Line to Back Road); Middle Road, 6:25 (Back Road to Melody Ranch); Pirate Lane, 6:35 (central pickup at corner of Green Road for Pirate Lane); Green Road at Serenity Circle, 6:38; Ohio Hill Road, 6:40 (Central pickup at corner of Green Road for Ohio Hill from Route 139 to Green Road) Ohio Hill Road, (Green Road to Fish Road), Upper Ridge Road, 6:46 (Fish Road to Joy Road); Joy Road/Howe Road, 6:50; Upper Ridge Road (Joy Road to Center Road), 6:54; LHS/LJHS, 7.

Elementary: Ohio Hill Road, 7:20 (Fish Road to Green Road); Ohio Hill Road at Tozier Farm, 7:25; (central pickup at corner of Green Road for Ohio Hill Road from Route 139 to Green Road); Green Road, 7:30 (Ohio Hill Road to Pirate Lane); Green Road at Serenity Circle Pirate Lane, 7:35; Adams Road, 7:38; Green Road, 7:40 (Pirate Lane to U.S. Route 201); Ohio Hill Road, 7:45 (U.S. 201 to Fish Road); Fish Road/Upper Ridge Road, 7:50; Joy Road/Howe Road, 8; Upper Ridge Road, 8:05; Western Avenue, 8:07; Fairfield Primary, 8:15; Benton Elementary, 8:25.

Diane Douin

Bus 10 — Clinton / Fairfield

Secondary: River Road, 6:13 (Peavey Road to Hinckley Bridge) Kendall Annex Road; Skowhegan Road, 6:20 (Hinckley Bridge to Green Road); Green Road, 6:25 (U.S. 201 to dump); Skowhegan Road, 6:25 (Green Road to Nyes Corner Drive); Ohio Hill Road, 6:27; Nyes Corner Drive, 6:35; Old County Road, 6:40 (central pickup at corner of Kingman Street For Kingman, Somerset avenues, Oxford, Old County); corner of Brayley Avenue, 6:43 (pickup point for Scott Avenue); Bray Avenue at Church Street, 6:45 (central pickup at corner of Church Street); Kennebec Street — Shawmut, 6:46 (central pickup at post office); Skowhegan Road, 6:50; corner of Mountain Avenue, 6:55; LHS/LJHS, 7.

Elementary: Skowhegan Road, 7:25 (I-95 Overpass to Old County Road); Kendall Annex Road, 7:35; Skowhegan Road, 7:37 (Skowhegan town line to Nyes Corner); Nyes Corner Drive, 7:37; Old County Road, 7:46 (central pickup at corner of Kingman Street for Kingman, Somerset Ave., Oxford, Old County); corner of Brayley Avenue, 7:48; (pickup point for Scott Ave ; Brayley Ave.); Bray Avenue, 7:49; (central pickup at Church Street for Bray Ave., Church Street, Pamador Drive); Kennebec Street — Shawmut, 7:50; central pickup post office for Kennebec Street and Bray Ave); Skowhegan Road, 7:51 (Bray Avenue to Mountain Ave.); Mountain Avenue, 7:56; Upper Main Street, 8:03 (behind Purple Cow Restaurant); Fairfield Primary, 8:10; Benton Elementary, 8:15.

Bryan Roy

Bus 12 — Fairfield

Elementary: Pines Road/Lords Road, 7:25; Falls Road, 7:30; Albion Road, 7:35; Foss Hill Road, 7:40; Richards Road, 7:45; East Benton Road, 7:50 (Richards Road to Albion); East Benton Road, 8; Benton Elementary, 8:15; Fairfield Primary, 8:25.

James Greene

Bus 6 — Fairfield

Elementary: Kelly Street/Flood Avenue, 7:33; Burrill Street, 7:36; Robinson Street, 7:41; Burns Street, 7:43; Cottage Street, 7:47 (central pickup at Verdun Street); Keyes Street, 7:47; Savage Street, 7:49 (Cottage Street to town line); Main Street, 7:50 (Cottage Street to RR overpass); Bridge Street, 7:55; corner of Pleasant Street, 7:56; corner of East Street, 7:57; River Road, 8 (Bridge Street to Wyman Road); Wyman Road, 8:10; Benton Elementary, 8:15; Fairfield Primary, 8:20.

Gail Hines

Bus 2 — Fairfield

Secondary: Oakland Road, 6:27 (Gagnon Road to Six Rod Road); Gagnon Road, 6:29; Ten Lots Road, 6:30; Davis Road, 6:34; (Six Rod Road to Hardwood Lane); Davis Road / Hardwood Lane, 6:41 (pickup point Lilac Lane, Bl. berry Lane, and Cedar Brook Lane); Davis Road, 6:43 (Hardwood Lane to Wood Street); Wood Street, 6:45 (central pickup at Davis Road); Davis Road, 6:47 (Wood Street to Norridgewock Road); Norridgewock Road, 6:49 (Davis Road to Wood Street); Norridgewock Road (Davis Road to Center Road) Center Road, 6:50; corner of Bickford Drive, 6:53; corner of Williams Street, 6:55 (central pickup for North Circle Drive/McKenzie Avenue, Reed Street / Sanderson / Streeturtevant Drive); Center Road (Williams Street to Upper Ridge Road); LHS/LJH, 7.

Elementary: Oakland Road, 7:20 (Gagnon Road to Six Rod Road); Gagnon Road, 7:25; Ten Lots Road, 7:30; Davis Road, 7:35 (Six Rod Road to Hardwood Lane); Davis Road/Hardwood Lane, 7:37; (pickup point Lilac Lane, Bl.Berry Lane,& Cedar Brook Lane); Davis Road, 7:37 (Hardwood Lane to Norridgewock Road); Wood Street, 7:40; Norridgewock Road, 7:45 (Wood Street. to Wtvl town line); Lower Ridge Road, 7:50; Fairfield Primary, 8:10; Benton Elementary, 8:15.

Don Pooler

Bus 27 — Clinton/Fairfield

Secondary: Main Street.Clinton, 6:05; Hinckley Road (special needs), 6:20; Hinckley Road, 6:25 (Battleridge Road to Canaan Road); Gustafason Road, 6:35; Canaan Road, 6:38; Ohio Hill Road, 6:50; LHS/JHS, 7.

Geoffrey Kumm

Bus 11 — Fairfield

Elementary: corner of Maple Street at Silver Street, 7:51; Corner of Hight Street at Summit Street, 7:52; corner of High Street at Woodman, 7:53; Savage Street (Cottage Street to West Street), 7:54.

The first two weeks is an adjustment period for everyone. Please be patient while the transportaion department makes necessary adjustments. Times will become more predictable after this two week period. For more information, call 453-4230.

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