In reference to the article “Budget cuts hit Head Start programs” in the Sunday Aug. 5, newspaper, I would like to say too much passing the buck is happening in this country lately.

What has happened to personal accountability, in this case, parents’ accountability? Don’t get me wrong, I believe early childhood education has many benefits.

Two of my three children attended the Head Start Program and benefited greatly. I also take my role as a mother seriously, however, and took the time with each of them and taught them their ABCs, 1-2-3s, how to spell, how to read.

I also taught them life lessons, including listening, caring, sharing, honestly, fairness, not judging, right from wrong, following directions, respect for themselves and others, be themselves, (natural and imposed) consequences, to always do their best and self-accountability.

I made the time, even when life got in the way. I still struggle, but each day I choose to wake up and face life. I want to thank Gov. Paul LePage for his efforts in trying to help change Maine for the better.

Theresa Short


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