Let’s see if I understand all the facts.

The Maine Turnpike from Augusta to Kittery was built in 1947 with the understanding that it would be toll-free when the bond was paid off.

We picked up a ticket in Augusta with a time stamp on it and turned it in and paid the toll at our last exit. They were able to determine how fast we traveled by this ticket. (They didn’t need state troopers on the pike with this system.) I seem to remember something about the whole trip costing $2.15.

A short while ago, it was discovered that the head of the Turnpike Authority had spent huge amounts on personal items. He has since retired with what I would call an unbelievable pension. Now we are faced with a toll increase with the statement, “We don’t anticipate any more increases in the next few years.”

Luckily I’m retired and have no need to use the turnpike more than a few times a year. I also understand that Interstate 295 is in much better condition and is almost toll-free.

Don Belanger


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