There are people living in our towns, shopping in our markets, working in our economy, paying taxes and raising children, just like us, but they are treated differently from us.

They look like us and want the same rights that we do, but are denied from having them by laws that need to change. They are not aliens. They speak our language and attend school with us when we are young.

They need the law to be changed, and we are the people who can do it. Recently, the military has been changed to allow them to serve their country openly and honestly. The one thing they can’t do is marry.

You know who I mean? In the past, they were declared different and denied legitimacy. They didn’t change or go away. They are still here, and we need to free them so they can marry the person they love and have the same benefits the rest of us enjoy from laws created to benefit us, rights that we have granted ourselves.

Vote yes on Question 1 on Nov. 6. You don’t need to approve. It doesn’t have to change your life, just the law.

You still can believe marriage is a sacred covenant between a man and woman. Your church doesn’t need to marry them or recognize them.

The law will not allow a man to marry his daughter or his dog or his sister-in-law as recommended in the holy Bible, just to have one life partner like the rest of us.

Vote yes on Question 1, and free Maine from legal discrimination.

Susan Williamson


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