A Falmouth man was charged late Friday with criminal use of a laser pointer, after a commercical airline pilot reported a laser being pointed into the cockpit.

Falmouth police charged John Bagonzi, 19, after receiving word of a second incident, off the Falmouth town landing.

According to Sgt. Frank Soule, Falmouth police received a call Friday at roughly 8:25 p.m. from the Portland International Jetport. The pilot was 7 miles northeast of the jetport, leading officials there to notify Falmouth police.

Officers were unable to locate the source of the laser. But almost an hour later, police got a second call, this time from a launch operator at the Portland Yacht Club. The operator said someone was pointing a green laser at his vessel, making it difficult for him to see. The light seemed to be coming from the town landing.

Officers responded and found several people entering vehicles in the parking area. After detaining them and investigating, they charged Bagonzi.

Soule said it was unclear why the laser was being pointed at boats and aircraft, but said the practice is dangerous. Exposure to the powerful light beam can cause eye damage, he said, and the presence of laser sighting on some weapons makes their use disturbing to law-enforcement personnel.

“You can’t point a laser at anyone, let alone an aircraft,” Soule said.

The Federal Aviation Administration also is reviewing the incident for potential action, according to Soule.

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