There has been a powerful ad on EWTN (Catholic TV) for some time. It talks about critical social issues, e.g. infanticide (abortion), wholesome marriage, etc.

I quote a bit: “Catholics have opportunity to shape the future for generations to come”; “some issues (marriage) not negotiable”; “marriage reinforced, not redefined.”

Donald Wuerl, archbishop of Washington, D.C. says, “Mr. Obama has a different idea of what our culture should look like.”

President Barack Obama has assaulted Catholic institutions with his contraceptive mandate. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has verbally assaulted our freedom of conscience with her public statement, “Do not let your religious traditions (principles) interfere with your embrace of morally equal homosexual relationships.”

I, as a deeply convicted Christian, am deeply offended that I should re-evaluate moral conduct to suit the Obama administration.

As a churchman yesterday said, “The Obama administration now places itself above God and his laws and wisdom.”

Elaine B. Graham


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