In response to the letter by Susan Williamson, (Aug. 23) gay people are not “just like us”; they are different. They have chosen an immoral lifestyle that defies nature in every way, shape and form. They already have the same rights we have — to find a partner of the opposite sex and get married — but they choose not to. Gays want us to accept their immoral lifestyle by allowing them to marry, which is nothing more than legalized immorality.

I’ll be the first to agree that there are people who are born with an abnormal attraction to the same sex. This in and of itself does not make them gay any more than someone who’s born with an attraction to setting fires is an arsonist.

It’s when that person chooses to cross the line, meaning they’ve acted on their unhealthy desire, that makes them gay — or an arsonist.

Gays try to sugar-coat their lifestyle and want people to believe it’s all about love, but I’m telling you they just want us to condone their immoral lifestyle.

We all need to come together to help preserve the sanctity of marriage. Please vote no on Question 1.

Alan Sturtevant


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