I don’t mind paying my fair share in taxes. It’s when I have to make up what the millionaires don’t pay that I say enough is enough. My parents were born in 1912 and 1911. The stories my mother told me about the Great Depression and how they got into that mess! History has repeated itself. There must be taxes to pay benefits for soldiers, disabled workers, firemen, policemen and all other public servants. Teachers are truly some of the most valuable in our system. Thank the educator for the education you have; otherwise, you are no more than a slave. What happened to physical education in our schools? Oh that’s right, they cut education funding.

Cutting taxes for the rich is another way they say they are better than us. The rich pay very little, or often nothing, while the workers pay the majority. The wealthy enjoy the benefits of the labor of the worker, but do none of the work. So no taxes, no work. What is wrong with this picture? They should be stripped of the wealth. It should be distributed to the needy. A fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. When political feudalism creates economic feudalism, the U.S. should promote Democratic revolution. After all the Democrats are truly the people of the machine — we are what makes the country run.

Democrats represent social equality, which is why the Republican party does not agree with them. The Republicans enjoy control of the people. The right of revolution is built into the Declaration of Independence. We revolted against the parliamentary system when this country was founded. Twice since then has this country been run that way again, 1905-1932 and 1980-2007, and look what happened to America both times. Proof is in history. Tax equality for all, that’s the demand of the people.

Cecil M. Bryar Sr.


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