Excellent Aug. 28 letter by Howard N. Stewart on how our jobs have been lost to “free market capitalism,” in particular communist China. The resultant off-shoring and out-sourcing has been devastating.

Trouble is the word can not adequately get to the public at large. Washington’s sold out and our mass media (especially television) is controlled by mega corporations. The FCC basically gives way our air space to them. These corporations are dominated by the wealthy, who want little or no regulations and more ways to avoid taxes. They sell most commercial time to large corporations whose wealthy officers also want fewer regulations and taxes, although none would be nice. Do I smell the Republican platform?

Don’t believe the “liberal media” folly constantly pushed by the talking heads. Money talks, and the right controls predominately what we see, hear and read via the mass media. And that’s the dilemma, and it’s killing this country.

Steve Musica


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