The abortion debate rages red hot again and is getting hotter and louder as the election grows closer. Each side attempts to shore up its believers with rhetoric to support its beliefs while trying to point out ambiguities in the other side’s beliefs.

Lost in all of this brouhaha is one undeniable fact: that in every abortion — every abortion — something dies. Not in a natural way, but in a clinical, calculated fashion with one and only one result. Something dies in an unnatural way, and thus something is killed. Something that if not killed, barring a natural event, would eventually become a human being.

If anyone can argue that this is untrue, it is surely sophistry of the highest order.

All the rest of the noise — choice, control of one’s body, “reproductive rights” — is just that, noise.

I believe that abortion as birth control, although the current law of the land, is wrong and should be stopped. If you disagree, that is your choice. But consider that something is killed every time and never had any choice.

I ask each voter to ask yourself: Are you someone who can condone this something being killed for any reason other than to save the mother’s life?

If you are not, please vote for the right to life candidates on your ballot and end the killings.

Greg Theriault


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