Once upon a time in America, we decided to wage war in Afghanistan — and later, Iraq. A grossly mishandled retaliation toward a band of rogue Saudis who perpetrated 9/11.

It was as if the Beach Boys attacked us, and we beat up on the Beatles. But I date myself.

Regardless of 2,000-plus lives and incalculable treasure lost — or the dubious outcome to be determined God knows when — we continue this tomfoolery while mayhem and death continues — routinely.

We must end this insanity. As we continue to fail — from failing to understand centuries-old tribal cultures, it dawns on me that we’ve become somewhat tribal in our own thoughts, words and deeds.

Witness the current electoral process. The behavior and actions of seemingly intelligent persons is inexplicable.

The rationale behind perpetual negative ads spewed by both tribes — and the belief that by repeating them ad nauseum to the tune of $500 million (so far) — isn’t too far afield from Middle Eastern tribal squabbling. We’ve come to mimic the worst traits of our foes — and gone broke in the process. Some $2 billion per week for 10-plus years of war? Do the math.

In my view, the rigid, pig-headed blind loyalty to some asinine fantasy of Afghan self-sufficiency seems to be the root of our great unprecedented divide and dysfunction.

The outright refusal of our politicians to get along, and just get down to governing, is a reflection of bizarre tribal behavior we once found so repugnant.

Moreover, the refusal of either candidate to even bother mentioning the ramifications of this pointless war has brought us to this abyss. It’s discouraging. It’s not who we are. Bain capital, birth certificates, abortion and religion — enough.

A shout out to both candidates: It’s Afghanistan, stupid.

Buddy Doyle


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