I am so tired of the mean-spirited scapegoating of the poor, as if they somehow are the cause of our economic problems.

The buzz word is “welfare” and includes everything from direct payments to the lunch program for low-income children and everything in between. Most recipients work for a living at low-wage jobs as income distribution gets more and more out of whack.

Here’s a particular. In Waterville, General Assistance (the municipal welfare program) amounts to $312,000 or 1.8 percent of the budget. Of that, $176,000 goes for administration and $136,000 for aid, but little actually goes to those in need. A great piece goes to pay funeral costs for those who die without a penny to their name.

The poor are not the cause of this disaster.

Let’s get down to details. Let’s get down to the facts. Let’s get down to the truth.

Stephen Aucoin


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