The Sept. 1 article in the Morning Sentinel about massive cost overruns in the Winslow Police Station addition illustrates why the design-and-build concept is nothing more than a vehicle for stealing taxpayer money.

As Waterville engineer, Al Hodsdon is quoted as having said of design-and-build construction: “I think it’s detrimental. It’s not in the best interest of communities. …

“If you hire a contractor before the plans are done, and agree on a price, you’re buying a pig in a poke. …

“I don’t think the town of Winslow has made a wise choice in the process they chose.”

And yet, in proposing the construction of an overpriced Town Office in these dire economic times, town officials stepped into line in anticipation of funneling Oakland taxpayer money to a local good old boy who was going to sell us a pig in a poke.

That will not be forgotten.

Lewis Lester


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