When Rachel Sukeforth graduated from college, she wanted to move home to Litchfield to find a career. But good jobs can be hard to find in rural Maine, especially in a tough economy.

After a long search, Sukeforth found a job, but it still wasn’t easy to make ends meet, what with student loans, high gas prices and a long commute.

Sukeforth decided to run for the House of Representatives because she wants other people to be able to find good jobs without leaving the town they love.

Sukeforth knows that we have to support the local businesses that create good jobs.

She knows we need to invest wisely in our future with improvements to infrastructure, education and technology, and she knows that it’s time for the middle class to be the priority.

This is why I’m proud to support Sukeforth, a Democrat, for House District 80 (Litchfield, Monmouth and Wales).

Fred P. Cyr


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