We are seeing a repeat of the 2000 campaign, with untrue statements and ads by Republican tea party extremists.

The Bush/Cheney administration took us into a deep recession with deregulation of banks and corporations, the housing crisis, a $700 billion giveaway to pharmaceuticals, huge tax cuts for the wealthiest, invasion of Iraq for Halliburton and Blackwater oil profits.

What about the 6,000 servicemen/ women killed, 54,000 dismembered, 130,000 suffering from combat stress disorders and thousands committing suicide? We can’t forget them.

For 75 years, presidents have tried to nationalize health care, but none succeeded until Barack Obama did. Though fiercely fought by Republicans, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, Obama amazingly prevailed and signed the Affordable Care Act into law.

Unfortunately, voters gave Obama only two years to fix eight years of corruption and voted in tea party extremists to take control of the House.

Their goal seems to be corporate takeover of this country by destroying the middle class through suppression of our voting process, increasing wealth of top 2 percent and gutting our welfare system. A democracy cannot survive without a middle class.

With Bush in office we were losing 750,000 jobs per month. Republicans say Obama has failed miserably, but he saved us from a depression; jobs, housing and stock market are moving forward every month; Osama bin Laden is dead, troops coming home.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would give more tax cuts to wealthiest, privatize Social Security and Medicare, deregulate banks/corporations again and are threatening military action against Iran.

Voters have a very clear choice — back to the Bush-Cheney era or forward with Obama.

Gloria Fleming


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