A recent letter to the editor tells us that same-sex marriage would destroy society.

Let’s think about this. Same-sex couples already live together throughout Maine. They are our neighbors, our family members, our doctors, our lawyers, our carpenters and our friends.

Same-sex couples are together because two people fell in love and decided to make a commitment to each other. Same-sex couples in Maine are raising children, serving their communities, and quietly going about the work of keeping love alive in a committed relationship.

If the marriage equality initiative passes, we would have some same-sex marriages in Maine. Those newly married people will dance, celebrate with friends and relatives, and then quietly go back to the lives they were living before.

They and their children will experience more security in their lives, and a sense of being more fully part of their community of friends.

I can’t see a way that anyone else’s marriage — or life — will be harmed by these marriages.

When I was hiking in New Hampshire — where same-sex couples can get married legally — over the Labor Day weekend, the hiking trails still led uphill, the rivers still ran downhill, the food was still good, and people were as friendly as they had always been.

And around the world, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland and Argentina have legalized same-sex marriage. Life goes on in those countries as well.

There is no need to redefine marriage. Marriage is and has always been a way for a couple to affirm and strengthen their love and commitment to each other.

Please vote yes on 1 to strengthen Maine families by extending this same opportunity to same-sex couples.

Stan Davis


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